Some Cellists of the United States – according to Google

What's wrong with this pic?

The Stravinsky Martini…

Cello Employment…

Should You Be Practicing Right Now?


Just because….. Here are some fun musical memes to brighten your Monday! […]

Look who I found practicing on the side of the road in Boston!

Cello Chair by Thwart Design

Cello Chair by Thwart Design

One-Eyed Cellists

A Collage of One-Eyed Cellists Lest you think only cellists are guilty: EMMANUEL PAHUD with flute Festival de lEmperi , Salon de Provence Music Festival , August 2007 . [...]

Can you tell Paul Katz from Christopher Walken?

Have a Good Close Look and Compare! On the top, a 1972 photo of the real Cleveland Quartet. On the bottom, a  photo-shopped version of the same picture, with actor [...]

Happy Cello

Paul Katz and the Fry Street Quartet

Yo-Yo Ma Way

Paul Katz feeling good after practicing!

Do not hire this housekeeper!

A very happy Jacqueline Du Pre!

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