Body Awareness

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Tips on a Warmup & Practice Routine

Foundations for an Effective Warmup

The Thumb and Comfortable Extensions

Reach and Close

Why You Shouldn’t Squeeze Your Thumb

How Your Thumbs Critically Affect Your Technique

Bridges and Bows May Cause Excess Physical Tension

Paul Katz with Rob Mayes.

Alisa Weilerstein Interview: Bow Grip & Arm Weight

Alisa Weilerstein in conversation with Paul Katz.

Bow Hold Principles – Part 1

Finger Placement on Bow

Bow Hold Principles – Part 2

Control: Flexibility/Balance

Ears, Mind, Body – Part 1

Empower the Ears and Heart to Lead

Ears, Mind, Body – Part 2

Where True Artistry Begins

Listen to Your Body

Eliminating Physical Tension

Nervous and Tight? Exhale!

The exhale is nature's strongest emotional and physical release.

Paul Katz on Pros & Cons of Bent Endpins

Companion video to "Sitting: Chair, Feet, Power at Tip"; interview with Rob Mayes.

Right Arm Power

Arm Weight/Gravity

Robert deMaine Interview: Integrating Bow & Body Motion

Robert deMaine in conversation with Paul Katz.

Sitting: Chair, Feet, Power at Tip

Connecting your cello posture, body motion and bow use.

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