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CelloBello envisions a virtual community where all cellists and enthusiasts, regardless of location, race, socio-economic status, or ability level, have access to the same, high quality of musical instruction, inspiration and interaction.

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Don’t be fooled by our widespread global impact: CelloBello is still a small organization, with less than 10 staff and volunteers navigating our colossal ambitions. Our programs are only possible through the generosity of all of you, and the shared commitment to delivering quality resources and programs for all. It truly takes a village to nurture and strengthen the individual cellist and a global cello community through free online instruction and advice from renowned cellists and teachers.

Your gifts not only provide support for world-class lessons, masterclasses, interviews, blogs, and interactive live-streamed chats with renowned artist-teachers, listings of cello jobs and competitions, repertoire and book listings, but also provide critical financial assistance to families who participate in our CelloKids and Audition Prep programs, as well as to cello teachers who attend CelloBello’s Teacher Training Seminar.

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We offer many ways to support CelloBello because there are many types of resources that will help CelloBello improve lives. While our most urgent need is to create sustainable funding sources, we enjoy finding creative ways for all to be philanthropic in nurturing this wonderful global cello community, making the world a better place one cellist at a time.

“Philanthropy is not about the money. It’s about using whatever resources you have at your fingertips and applying them to improving the world.”

Melinda Gates

“Lessons of such a high level teach children assertiveness, and develop the capacity of self-reflection through playing the cello. Fantastic! I never miss a class despite the fact that I live in Germany. It is extraordinary!”

Kati Thieme

“Thank you for providing the priceless resources for cellists around the world. My daughter is getting so much help from CelloBello.”

Anonymous CelloBello Online Donor