What is on your music stand right now?

What is the first thing you do on the cello every day?

Why do you practice? What drives and motivates you? Anything that helped during the pandemic?

How do you cultivate inspiration in the practice room? What motivates you?

How do you stimulate creativity and imagination in the practice room?
What is your favorite way to change things up/get new ideas?

In your mind, what is it that makes an effective practice session?

What are the best ways to prevent injury?

What is your balance between technique and repertoire?

How do you manage lots of repertoire at the same time?

How do you start learning a new piece? How does this differ between chamber, orchestral and solo rep?

How has your practicing evolved over the years, or even recently? Is there anything that has surprised you?

Is there anything we haven’t discussed that you feel is vital to productive, creative practice sessions? Or if there’s one thing that you feel contributes the most to this?

With such a big workload, how do you avoid burnout and maintain balance?