Tips on executing bow strokes. Cello Lesson with Paul Katz.

Eliana Yang, Cello

  • How to control the bounce of off the string notes
  • How to vary the bow strokes to get musical interest
  • Both variations are the same tempo as the theme
  • Var. 1: Slightly lift the bow between 2nd and 3rd note of the triplet, let index finger catch the string to begin 3rd note of triplet
  • Var. 2: Spiccato stroke is below the middle of the bow and gets longer and more singing as one goes higher
  • Agile and flexible in wrist and fingers
  • A light rocking motion from the upper arm for string crossings
  • Negate gravity and feel light in the arms and hands
  • Eliminate heavy beats and give musical shape and direction
  • Var. 1: The third note of the triplets should be light – the softest , not the loudest of the triplet
  • Var. 2: Low register spiccato needs clarity; upper register more singing


Squeezing the thumb blocks flexibility of the wrist and fingers. Paul Katz