Empower the Ears and Heart to Lead

  • A direct ear-hand feedback loop is quicker than the mind and bypasses conscious thought.
  • While thinking is necessary, the brain often can be in the way.
  • Ways to realize the goal of ‘being in the moment’ during performance.
  • The mind is too slow to track every shift, string crossing, hear intonation, shape a phrase , create a mood—the ear can lead and adjudicate everything simultaneously.
  • Transcending conscious thought is a worthwhile goal– It begins with learning how to persistently adjust your daily reflective practice.
  • Ultimately, physical and aural awareness conjoin into an interdependent and fluid relationship.
  • Touch the cello the way you want it to sound. Allow the music to directly inspire and guide the feel of your hands on the instrument.
  • Teach your hands to respond directly to what you hear without always thinking about it.
  • The ears can tell us everything, leading the hands to higher levels of instrumental mastery and artistry.


The ears reveal everything we need to know, including the solution. Brian Hodges

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