The exhale is nature’s strongest emotional and physical release.

  • Focusing on your exhale promotes free breathing…
  • …because you may hold your breath when under pressure and forget to breathe out
  • …and because you will never forget to breathe in.
  • The inhale oxygenates the body. A quality inhale fills the stomach before the chest. Consider studying yoga breathing.
  • Free breathing is made possible by good posture.
    Notice how dropping your chin constricts your breath.
    Notice how rounded shoulders constrict your breath.
    Consider studying the Alexander Method as a pathway to free breathing.
  • Holding your breath in your chest can raise the  shoulders and lift your weight off of the instrument.
  • Exhaling helps release weight onto the instrument and allows gravity and arm weight to replace muscle and pressing down as a source of vertical strength.“
  • The martial arts use the explosive exhale as a source of speed and power.
  • Feel your body and muscles softening as you release your breath.
  • Feel your nervous system quieting as you release your breath.
  • Feel your emotions calming as you release your breath.


Softness is strength, tightness is weakness. Tai Chi Maxim

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