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1. Floating Dreamsongs 2. Kora Song Written for Joshua Roman.

2017-02-17T11:30:35+00:00Composed By |Instrumentation By Cello and Chamber Orchestra|Work Type

Second Ballad

Commissioned by Stephanie Key for David Mollenaur's 50th Birthday.

2017-02-17T11:21:51+00:00Composed By |Instrumentation By Cello and Piano|Work Type


This duet explores the spectrum of colors found in the harmonic series. Melodies are entirely constructed from this collection of pitches and take advantage of the cello and natural horn's [...]

2017-01-20T14:23:56+00:00Composed By |Instrumentation By Cello and French Horn|Work Type


The chameleon is a somewhat mysterious lizard noted for its ability to change color. Some believe the color changes help to camouflage the lizards, but more recent evidence suggests that [...]

2017-01-20T14:27:08+00:00Composed By |Instrumentation By Cello sextet|Work Type

In Memoriam (September 11, 2001)

I wrote these sketches while watching the horror of the attacks of September 11, 2001: the collapse of the World Trade Center, the attack on the Pentagon, the plane-crash in [...]

2017-01-20T14:28:11+00:00Composed By |Instrumentation By Cello and Piano|Work Type

Tangle Eye

Dan Visconti has written a new cello concerto for cellist Inbal Segev, to be premiered by the California Symphony, where Dan is currently in his final year as Young American [...]

2017-01-20T14:29:34+00:00Composed By |Instrumentation By Cello and Orchestra 2222 4331 + timp, 3 percussion, strings|Work Type

Qoheleth for Two Celli

Qoheleth implies an ancient connection between student and teacher. As for the work itself, the two celli weave their parts together playing anything from bass notes, to chords, to harmony [...]

2017-01-20T14:30:50+00:00Composed By |Instrumentation By Two Cellos|Work Type

Take It Queasy, Greasy

Recording from the Cheney Cello Trio

2017-01-20T14:32:02+00:00Composed By |Instrumentation By for Cello and Piano or Cello Ensemble in three parts|Work Type

The Heart And The Hand

2017-01-20T14:32:54+00:00Composed By |Instrumentation By for Cello and Piano|Work Type

Mythic Gardens

2017-01-20T14:34:34+00:00Composed By |Instrumentation By Solo cello and orchestra|Work Type

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