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Qoheleth for Two Celli

Qoheleth implies an ancient connection between student and teacher. As for the work itself, the two celli weave their parts together playing anything from bass notes, to chords, to harmony [...]

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Take It Queasy, Greasy

Recording from the Cheney Cello Trio

2017-01-20T14:32:02+00:00Composed By |Instrumentation By for Cello and Piano or Cello Ensemble in three parts|Work Type

The Heart And The Hand

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Mythic Gardens

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A evocative work that will fit well into any recital program. Somewhat drawing on J.S.Bach's famous Suites, there are numerous instances of the famous B-A-C-H motive hidden in the music...

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Sun-Wukong, the ancient warrior king

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Resilience (2014), double concerto for viola, cello and orch. For the 70th anniversary of the end of WW2. 1. Dachaulieder 2. Rising Sun, Fallen Sky 3. Blast of Silence

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This short work draws all its material from the Brahms E Minor Cello Sonata, juggling and refracting musical quotations as if wandering through a Brahms-permeated dream.

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