Chamber Music with Cello

Princesa de Hadas (Fairy Tale Princess)

Princesa de hadas (Fairy Tale Princess) was commissioned by Argentine poet Patricio Méndez. The title of this piece refers to a verse from a poem by Méndez, where he describes [...]

2020-05-02T00:03:02+00:00Instrumentation Unaccompanied cello, Cello and Piano, Cello and Guitar, Cello and Orchestra (with or without Piano)|Work Type , , , ,

Danzas Latinoamericanas (Latin American Dances)

Danzas Latinoamericanas (Latin American Dances) is a 10-minute suite in three movements. Its movements can be performed independently. It was originally commissioned by Mexican cellist Carlos Prieto. It is based [...]

2020-05-02T00:01:05+00:00Instrumentation Unaccompanied Cello, 2 cellos, 4 cellos, 8 cellos, Cello and piano, Cello and Accordion, Cello and Alto Saxophone, Cello and Guitar, Cello and Viola, Cello and Violin, Cello Violin and Guitar, Cello Violin and Piano, String Quartet, Cello and Orchestra (with or without Piano)|Work Type , , , , ,

Escher Triptych

M.C. Escher is known for his mind-bending prints that frequently created impossible geometry or meshed perspectives in unexpected ways. I remember learning about tessellations in a middle school math class [...]

2019-06-13T03:23:30+00:00Instrumentation Violin and Cello|Work Type

Second Ballad

Commissioned by Stephanie Key for David Mollenaur's 50th Birthday.

2019-06-13T03:29:37+00:00Instrumentation Cello and Piano|Work Type

Meditation (in Memory of John Lennon)

Written shortly after John Lennon's death.

2019-06-13T03:29:23+00:00Instrumentation cello and piano|Work Type

On Distant Shores

Written for the Rioult Dance Company, the 2nd movement incorporates Air, originally for Cello and piano.

2019-06-13T03:31:55+00:00Instrumentation Solo cello, oboe, string quartet, piano|Work Type

String Quartet No. 2 “Six Faces”

Like the movements of my first string quartet, “Ars Mathematica,” the six movements of this work are inspired in part by paintings. The six paintings are Georges Braque’s "Girl with [...]

2019-06-13T03:31:39+00:00Instrumentation String Quartet|Work Type

Second Ballad

Commissioned by Stephanie Key for David Mollenaur's 50th Birthday.

2019-06-13T03:36:19+00:00Instrumentation Cello and Piano|Work Type


This duet explores the spectrum of colors found in the harmonic series. Melodies are entirely constructed from this collection of pitches and take advantage of the cello and natural horn's [...]

2019-06-13T03:34:59+00:00Instrumentation Cello and French Horn|Work Type


2019-06-13T03:44:20+00:00Instrumentation for cello and winds, perc, piano and harp|Work Type


2019-06-13T03:56:01+00:00Instrumentation for cello, piano and harp|Work Type


2019-06-13T04:00:32+00:00Instrumentation 2 cellos|Work Type

Never Found Again

'Never Found Again' takes its title from a quote by Benjamin Franklin "Lost time is never found again". The piece is for solo cello and drone. The drone part can [...]

2019-06-13T04:00:12+00:00Instrumentation solo cello and cello ensemble |Work Type


"Hush maps the concept of speech and song onto a duo for percussion and cello. Taking excerpts from Virginia Woolf's short story "The String Quartet," the performers convey the busy-ness [...]

2019-06-13T04:06:28+00:00Instrumentation Cello and Percussion|Work Type

In Bad Faith

I wrote In Bad Faith for the St. Petersburg String Quartet while they were in residence at the University of Michigan in December of 2004. The title has several dimensions [...]

2019-06-13T04:12:38+00:00Instrumentation String Quartet|Work Type
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