Cello with Miscellaneous Instrument(s)

Esoptron (Cello and Marimba)

Esoptron was written in response to Peter Randall-Page's sculpture Granite Song and the original Greek word 'esoptron' means 'reflection' or 'a mirror not made out of glass'. This is reminiscent [...]

2019-06-13T03:26:40+00:00Instrumentation Cello and Marimba|Work Type

Fancies and Interludes V

4 Fancies and 3 interludes, an extended piece exploring ways of integrating the sounds of cello and organ.

2019-06-13T04:07:08+00:00Instrumentation Cello and organ|Work Type

Saint Elizabeth Bells

Saint Elizabeth Bells takes its inspiration from bell sounds of the Saint Elizabeth Cathedral in central Budapest. The cathedral is named after Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, a Catholic saint who [...]

2019-06-13T04:35:12+00:00Instrumentation Cello and Cimbalom|Work Type