Cello and Piano


A fun new five-movement work in Klezmer style, chronicling King Solomon's life.

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Princesa de Hadas (Fairy Tale Princess)

Princesa de hadas (Fairy Tale Princess) was commissioned by Argentine poet Patricio Méndez. The title of this piece refers to a verse from a poem by Méndez, where he describes [...]

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Written especially for cellist Keith Tempest, Oligos comes from being in a place that is neither here nor there, an 'almost' period of restless waiting to transition to a new [...]

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The Heart And The Hand

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Fiddle Suite

The three movements take inspiration from different aspects fiddling styles in various cultures, incorporating elements from Baroque dance forms, Irish and bluegrass techniques, and South Indian rhythmic manipulations.

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Lilies (2011)

Lilies, as a flower, are thought to symbolize purity and a return to innocence. In that spirit, “Lilies” is a reflective and gentle vocalise for cello and piano. The work [...]

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If You Forget Me…

A 4 movement work composed for cellist Brian Manker, Principal Cellist of the Montreal Symphony and pianist Andre LaPlante, and inspired by a poem of Pablo Neruda.

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Cello Sonata

This is a cello sonata I have written as part of a composition portfolio exercise. This recording is by Gina Harris.

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Duet for Cello and Piano (2011)

Program notes in the classical music tradition provide historical and background information on the piece, the composer, giving the audience tips for what to expect when listening to the work. [...]

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Sonata for Cello and Piano

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Sonata No. 2

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At the Marion Opera House (2012)

The first performance presented by the Jesselson/Fugo Duo was in October 1981 in Marion, SC at the Marion Opera House. Similar to other buildings of the age throughout SC and [...]

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Dessau Dances (2011)

There is a famous German dance hall outside of Austin, Texas – well, really outside of Pflugerville, TX to be more precise -- that dates back to 1876. For decades [...]

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Dos sonetos de amor

Two "settings" of poems by Pablo Neruda in which the cello takes the role of the voice.

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Two Movement Sonata

The first movement of the Sonata, Rondeau, begins as a five part rondo i.e. A, B, A, C, A. That pattern is then repeated in ever shorter statements. The reduction [...]

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