Celli Ensemble

Muzak for Four Cellos

Muzak For Four Cellos is a set of five short individual movements written for cello quartet. They can be performed as a set or individually. The parts are written so [...]

2019-09-19T21:31:30+00:00Instrumentation 4 Cellos|Work Type


A short cello trio in the style of minimal music.

2019-09-19T21:20:18+00:00Instrumentation cello trio|Work Type

Lemuria (2019)

A couple of years ago, after a difficult time, I started meditating.  As I breathed mantras and sutras day in and day out, one morning I awoke suddenly from a trance [...]

2019-06-13T02:59:21+00:00Instrumentation 2 Solo Cellists, Cello Choir and Percussion|Work Type

Danzas Latinoamericanas (Latin American Dances)

Danzas Latinoamericanas (Latin American Dances) is a 10-minute suite in three movements. Its movements can be performed independently. It was originally commissioned by Mexican cellist Carlos Prieto. It is based [...]

2020-05-02T00:01:05+00:00Instrumentation Unaccompanied Cello, 2 cellos, 4 cellos, 8 cellos, Cello and piano, Cello and Accordion, Cello and Alto Saxophone, Cello and Guitar, Cello and Viola, Cello and Violin, Cello Violin and Guitar, Cello Violin and Piano, String Quartet, Cello and Orchestra (with or without Piano)|Work Type , , , , ,

Two Canons

This set of two canons is loosely inspired by the Telemann Canonic Sonatas. These can be played by two cellists, or by one cellist either live with a delay patch, [...]

2019-06-13T03:27:09+00:00Instrumentation Two Cellos, or Solo Cello with electronic delay|Work Type


The chameleon is a somewhat mysterious lizard noted for its ability to change color. Some believe the color changes help to camouflage the lizards, but more recent evidence suggests that [...]

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Qoheleth for Two Celli

Qoheleth implies an ancient connection between student and teacher. As for the work itself, the two celli weave their parts together playing anything from bass notes, to chords, to harmony [...]

2019-06-13T03:42:19+00:00Instrumentation Two Cellos|Work Type

Take It Queasy, Greasy

Recording from the Cheney Cello Trio

2019-06-13T03:41:31+00:00Instrumentation for Cello and Piano or Cello Ensemble in three parts|Work Type

Legends of Cellandia

From the book: "Because it was composed at the request of the London Cello Society I wanted to give it a distinctly English flavor. I turned to the great progressive [...]

2019-06-13T04:03:01+00:00Instrumentation Cello orchestra (7-100), 5-string electric bass, percussion|Work Type

Even the Stones Breathe

2019-06-13T04:09:47+00:00Instrumentation Cello|Work Type

Isole from L’arcipelago delle delizie

2019-06-13T04:09:30+00:00Instrumentation Solo Cello|Work Type

The Great Unconformity

2019-06-13T04:08:39+00:00Instrumentation Solo Cello|Work Type

So near, so far

Written for Rhonda Rider for her Grand Canyon Residency. Recording available September 2013.

2019-06-13T04:24:57+00:00Instrumentation Solo Cello|Work Type
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