Duration: 00:03:00
Instrumentation: Cello
Year: 2009
Work Type:

Mourning can be both private and public. When we visit a grave or observe the anniversary of a person’s death, we generally do so in private. “Yizkor” (which is Hebrew for “Remember”) is a prayer for the public observance for the community of bereaved. These two movements are the last two movements of a three movement work called “Yizkor”. I had written a one movement piece for cello solo by that name in 2001 after the horrific events of 9/11.
The cello was the solo voice that cries, the solo voice that is heard no more. In 2009 I felt that the piece needed more, so I added the two movements included in this album as further amplification of that feeling. These second and third movements of Yizkor are included on this CD to reflect the afterthought, or aftershock, that follows an emotional loss. The second movement depicts the frantic and frenetic feeling that follows such a shock. That is why I used a figure of two sixteenth notes at the beginning of
every measure. The third movement has a descending legato melodic mirroring an ascending line in the first movement. This last movement is the afterthought, and the solemn feeling we have when remembering. With my background in composition combined with film scoring, I tend to see music more as an underscore, be it to a film, or to our lives. From my perspective as a songwriter I also feel strongly about the human voice and the power of song. For more information about my music please visit
Ayala Asherov-Kalus

composerbiography: Ayala AsherovKalus

Israeli-born composer and singer / songwriter Ayala Asherov started writing songs at age 16. After serving in the IDF as an entertainer, she briefly pursued an acting career in theater, film and television. She soon realized that her passion was music, and she pursued and completed studies at the Rimon School of Music in Tel Aviv, followed by the Berklee College of Music in Boston where she received her Bachelor of Music Summa Cum Laude in composition and film scoring in 1998. She went on to receive her Masters in film scoring at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in 2000.