Publisher: Unpublished
Duration: 00:04:41
Instrumentation: Cello solo
Key: Atonal
Year: 2016
Work Type:
“Dancing In A Prism” is a piece for Cello solo by the composer Giovanni Grosskopf (b. 1966, Italy) composed in 2016; first performance: cellist Luca Colardo (cellist of the New Made Ensemble, Milan), Milan, 2016. This piece starts from rhythms and figures freely taken from a Norwegian traditional dance (gangar): moments of lively dance are interrupted by poetic, lyrical slow moments, recalling the sonorities of a medieval viol. The piece is based on the chord CADH: rhythms, durations, length of sections, metronomes and pitches are all derived from these notes: the piece is highly communicative and seems improvised, but, in reality, it is strictly regulated and filtered by the proportions derived from that chord (hence the title).