Publisher: G. Schirmer
Duration: 00:25:00
Instrumentation: Cello and Orchestra 2(2pic).2.1+bcl.2/2.1.1+btbn.0/timp/str; concertante pf, dmkit, db
Year: 2000
Work Type:

In 3 movements, played without pause. In a sentence, this is a concerto for a cello that forgot it was a cello. I’m not sure that there is a storyline in this piece, per se, but I feel like the cello is excited, at first to be free of its historical baggage. However, the exuberance that comes with this freedom is transformed into anxiety sometime during the first movement. The cello tries to recapture its old self, or whatever it can remember of it, in a passionate cadenza like second movement. However, this is not possible, but the cello does find its new place, expression, and soul, in the final movement of the piece. The world premiere performance was given by cellist Inbal Segev with the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra under conductor Randall Craig Fleischer in February 2013.