Publisher: Self Published
Duration: 00:04:00
Instrumentation: Two Cellos
Year: 2014
Work Type:

Qoheleth implies an ancient connection between student and teacher. As for the work itself, the two celli weave their parts together playing anything from bass notes, to chords, to harmony and to melody, even double melodic lines. The style and execution of the pizz chords is left up to the performer – for they change style and must not be played all in the same manner. As for the aleatoric section in F at the end, the instructions are clear as to how to play. The top cello creates a solo ostinato figure, then when they wish, they are to add the scale notes depicted on the down-beats. The second cello comes in after the first cello has played for a while and is to follow the instructions. This may last as long as the performers think needed, and a final cue should unite the parts to end the piece and fade to nothing. Any other questions, please ask! Tempi are relative and up to the performers.