Publisher: Von Cello, Inc.
Duration: 00:05:20
Instrumentation: Cello orchestra (7-100), 5-string electric bass, percussion
Key: D major
Opus: VC-301
Year: 2016
Work Type:

From the book:
“Because it was composed at the request of the London Cello Society I wanted to give it a distinctly English flavor. I turned to the great progressive rock bands of the 1960’s and 70’s for inspiration and combined some of their conventions (such as blending English folk music with rock, and arranging a fugue with percussive accompaniment) with a Brahmsian sonority that would bring out the full, noble quality of an orchestra of cellos. The result is a tone poem worthy of the legendary cellists of music history.

The piece contains 6 cello sections, plus one “celtar” section (cellists holding their cellos like guitars and playing with picks). The parts range from moderate to somewhat difficult so that mixed groups can play together. The parts are also divided by range mimicking, to some extent, the sound of a string orchestra. The piece calls for an electric bass to give it an authentic rock feel (although one or more string basses may be used), and percussion, including timpani, cymbals and drums. The music walks that fine line between classical and rock that was so expertly navigated by the great “prog rock” bands of Britain who so inspired my youth.

Legends of Cellandia would be a perfect concert selection for any gathering of cellists from 7 to 100 (or more). It creates a full, satisfying sound, tingled with wit and humor that is sure to delight audiences the world over!”