Publisher: Roger Zare Music
Duration: 00:08:00
Instrumentation: Cello sextet
Year: 2014
Work Type:

The chameleon is a somewhat mysterious lizard noted for its ability to change color. Some believe the color changes help to camouflage the lizards, but more recent evidence suggests that they change colors for social and emotional reasons instead. While writing Chameleon, I envisioned using glissandos in all the cello parts to gradually morph between different harmonies. Sometimes, out of a cloud of dissonance, a major triad will come into focus for a split second before disappearing into the haze. The first cello serves the role of a soloist and rises into the stratosphere on two occasions, while the harmonies continuously blend, coalesce, and diverge.

Chameleon was written for the 2014 Dulwich International Music Academy and premiered in Beijing on June 28, 2014 by Jacob Shaw and participants of the academy.