Cello lesson with Paul Katz.

  • Where we place our feet on the floor affects our upper body comfort
  • Optimal chair height should allow knees to be lower than the hips
  • By moving our body left on a down bow, we  can transfer weight, power to the tip
  • All natural motion is a total body experience; do not isolate arm from body
  • Placement of feet affects freedom of motion in arms
  • Leaning left in the chair will increase power at the tip
  • How wider stance and a high enough chair gives freedom to move in the chair and freedom to the arms.
  • Feeling the indentation, “s-curve”  in bottom of the spine helps balance and support upper body and protects lower back from injury
  • Gain upper body support by wide, solid stance, connecting to the earth through the feet.
  • How moving gradually left in the chair during a down bow helps make a crescendo to the tip
  • Transferring weight to the tip to minimize pressing makes a more beautiful sound


The cello world thanks cellist Victor Sazer for introducing these concepts of “playing from the floor”, the steering the body through the feet, and finding a chair height that protects the lower back and frees the arms. Paul Katz

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