Playing intimately, but for the last row of the audience.
Demo: Fauré Elégie

  • How to project soft sounds
  • How to throw sound out to the audience
  • How to make a soft sound with a core
  • How to make a soft sound away from the fingerboard
  • The intention to project is an important psychological component
  • Both core and resonance must be created by contact point and bow speed
  • Upper arm weight should feel lifted and suspended
  • A light friction or resistance from the cello is desirable
  • Maximize resonance and glow in the sound from bow speed and contact point
  • Fuzzy sounds do not project


Fortissimo is dropping all arm weight into the cello, pianissimo is lifting all arm weight off of the cello… and then there is everything in-between! Gregor Piatigorsky

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