Companion video to “Sitting: Chair, Feet, Power at Tip“; interview with Rob Mayes.

  • How to experiment to find the endpin you need
  • Taller people often feel better with a bent endpin
  • Shorter people often do better with a straight endpin
  • If you have long arms and legs, you  will probably be more comfortable on a higher chair and with a bent endpin
  • If the endpin is too high, it may cause you to hunch your shoulders or push your body weight into the back of the chair
  • If your knees feel too long or short, experimenting with endpins can fix the problem
  • If your cello is too vertical you may find that you are pressing to get a big sound
  • If your cello is too high and flat you may be hunching your shoulders and uncomfortable in first position
  • What height and horizontal tilt of the instrument gives you your most beautiful sound


The body has its own wisdom: listen to it, learn from it. Paul Katz

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