Interpretation as Communication. Discussion of Bach d minor Prelude.

  • Clearly defining for yourself what you want to express, leads to a more compelling interpretation.
  • Tone color creates mood.
  • Bach Preludes are improvisatory  in spirit.
  • Interpretation changes through the ages. We can do this and still stay true to the composer and what he is expressing.
  • Define your musical thoughts, your interpretation, from the beginning of the learning process – It impacts on technical decisions.
  • Differing philosophical approaches to Bach performance.
  • What are the moods, characters the composer wants to express.
  • What do I need to know stylistically about the composer and the historical context.
  • Are my bowings and fingerings helping to create moods and characters.
  • Touch the instrument with the emotion you want to create.
  • Left hand can also be expressive.
  • Listen to phrase shape, rubato, vibrato, bow speed and bow distribution. All effect communication.
  • Romantic vibrato and slides are not appropriate for Bach.


Creativity takes courage. Henri Matisse

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