Beginning Quartertone Scales

  • How to hear 1/4 tone scales
  • How to practice 1/4 tone scales
  • Saying the name of the note to yourself each time you arrive on a base note will help you stay mentally and aurally clear. Precise intonation depends on knowing when you are on one of the 12 chromatic pitches, and when you are in-between.
  • Begin by putting the new finger down between the half step and shifting into the main note.
  • Reverse the process and put the finger down on the main note and slide to the quartertone.
  • After learning to feel the spacing and hear the pitch of a quartertone, you can begin to use other fingerings.
  • The trick is for the ear to stay oriented to the traditional half step.
  • Always confirm the pitch by checking against the open strings. Check every C, G, D and A.


There is a world of intonation possibility within a half-step. Paul Katz

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