A loose hand is stronger than a tight one.

  • Concentrate on loosening your hand, instead of strengthening. Anyway, a loose hand is stronger than a tight one.
  • A loose, alive hand eliminates fatigue and increases speed, agility and ease of playing.
  • How to have both strength and looseness in thumb position.
  • How to use forearm rotation in thumb position.
  • Don’t squeeze the thumb or pinch to depress the strings – a tight thumb on the back of the neck tightens the entire hand.
  • A few hours a day at the cello gives your left hand fingers all the strength they need.
  • Loosening your hand is far more important than trying to strengthen.
  • Continual exchange of tension and release between fingers eliminates fatigue and increases agility and ease of playing.
  • Your fingers are as long as your forearm.
  • Lifting and throwing the finger with a forearm rotation makes every finger equally strong. But after hitting, be sure to release.
  • A light, fast strike of the fingers gives provides all the strength the fingers need.
  • Hit and release – hit and go limp. Don’t hit and hold tight – feel a little rebound inside the finger – this helps to feel a release.
  • Fingers, especially the 4th finger will feel weak if you only lift from the knuckles.
  • Keep your thumb touching lightly on the underside of the neck, but keep it soft and don’t squeeze.


Playing several hours a day makes your hand strong enough – focus on releasing tension, rather than strengthening the hand. Paul Katz

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