How to eliminate fatigue and increase agility and ease.

  • How to release tension as you exchange fingers
  • How to keep the bridge of the hand soft
  • Your fingers are as long as your forearm
  • Focus awareness on at the fingers not being used – releasing them keeps the hand from fatiguing.
  • If the bridge of your hand remains in constant tension, your hand will fatigue.
  • Continual exchange of tension and release between fingers eliminates fatigue and increases agility and ease of playing.
  • When a finger is not being used, it should be “soft, in playing position; but not stiff, as in playing tension”. (Starker)
  • When playing the 4th finger, 1, 2, and 3 should be soft
  • When playing first finger, 2,3 and 4, in the air should be soft


Playing several hours a day makes your hand strong enough – focus on releasing tension, rather than strengthening the hand. Paul Katz

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