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Alisa Weilerstein: Psychology of Sound Projection

Alisa Weilerstein in conversation with Paul Katz.

Alisa Weilerstein Master Class: Haydn Concerto in D Major, Mvt. 1

Jamie Clark, Cello; Futaba Niekawa, Piano; 2015

Alisa Weilerstein: Evolving from Practice Room to Stage

Alisa Weilerstein in conversation with Paul Katz, 2015.

Artistry in Sound

Expressive Use of the Bow

Ears, Mind, Body – Part 1

Empower the Ears and Heart to Lead

Ears, Mind, Body – Part 2

Where True Artistry Begins

Gary Hoffman Master Class: Elgar Concerto, Mvt. 1&2

Emily Taubl, Cello; Allie Lutkevich, Piano; 2012

Gary Hoffman Master Class: Schumann Concerto, Mvt. 1

Zhou Yi, Cello, Theresa Leung, Piano; 2014

Joel Krosnick Master Class: Britten Suite No. 1, Canto primo, Fuga, Lamento, Canto secondo

Stella Cho, Cello; 2015

Joel Krosnick Master Class: Schumann Adagio & Allegro, Op. 70

Clare Bradford, Cello; Michael Bukhman, Piano; 2015

Laurence Lesser Master Class: Barber Sonata, Mvt. 1&2

Jaqueline Choi, Cello; Mariko Furukawa, Piano; 2013

Laurence Lesser Master Class: Kodaly Solo Sonata, Mvt. 1

Jeremiah Barcus, Cello; 2013

Laurence Lesser Master Class: Rachmaninoff Cello Sonata, Mvt. 4

Thomas Chartré, Cello; Mana Tokuno, Piano; 2013

Laurence Lesser: Anna Magdalena Manuscripts of the Bach Cello Suites

Why the Anna Magdalena Bach manuscripts of the Bach Cello Suites are our primary source.

Lluis Claret Master Class: Schubert “Arpeggione”, Mvt. 1 & 2

Jiyoung Lee, Cello; Dina Vainshstein, Piano; 2015

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