Left Hand

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Eliminate Left Hand Tension (Part 2)

A loose hand is stronger than a tight one.

Eliminate Left Hand Tension (Part 1)

How to eliminate left hand fatigue and increase agility and ease.

Tschaikovsky Rococo: Theme (Vibrato)

Freeing the Left Hand for Vibrato.

Paul Katz Master Class: Mendelssohn D Major Sonata, Mvt. 2 and 3

2nd and 3rd Mvts.

Shifting: Hand Alignment

Improve Shifting Consistency


Beginning Quartertone Scales

Shifting: The Ears are Boss

Intonation: Ears Guide the Hand

Shifting: In and Out of Thumb Position

Raising, Lowering Thumb

Vibrato: Hand Position

Techniques to Vary Vibrato

Vibrato: Fast or Slow?

Choosing Appropriate Vibrato

Vibrato: Wide or Narrow?

Choosing Appropriate Vibrato

Shifting: Watch the Speed Limit

Timing of Shifts

Uniting the Hands

Varying Left Hand Depth

Continuous Vibrato

Eliminate Stopping/Starting

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