Left Hand

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Tips on a Warmup & Practice Routine

Foundations for an Effective Warmup

The Thumb and Comfortable Extensions

Reach and Close

Why You Shouldn’t Squeeze Your Thumb

How Your Thumbs Critically Affect Your Technique

Bridges and Bows May Cause Excess Physical Tension

Paul Katz with Rob Mayes.

Continuous Vibrato

Eliminate Stopping/Starting

Eliminate Left Hand Tension (Part 2)

A loose hand is stronger than a tight one.


Beginning Quartertone Scales

Shifting: Hand Alignment

Improve Shifting Consistency

Shifting: In and Out of Thumb Position

Raising, Lowering Thumb

Shifting: The Ears are Boss

Intonation: Ears Guide the Hand

Shifting: Watch the Speed Limit

Timing of Shifts

Tchaikovsky Rococo: Theme (Vibrato)

Freeing the Left Hand for Vibrato.

Uniting the Hands

Varying Left Hand Depth

Vibrato: Fast or Slow?

Choosing Appropriate Vibrato

Vibrato: Hand Position

Techniques to Vary Vibrato

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