Body Awareness

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Eliminate Left Hand Tension (Part 1)

How to eliminate left hand fatigue and increase agility and ease.

Robert deMaine Interview: Integrating Bow & Body Motion

Robert deMaine in conversation with Paul Katz.

Alisa Weilerstein Interview: Bow Grip & Arm Weight

Alisa Weilerstein in conversation with Paul Katz.

Sitting: Chair, Feet, Power at Tip

Cello lesson with Paul Katz.

Paul Katz on Pros & Cons of Bent Endpins

Companion video to "Sitting: Chair, Feet, Power at Tip"; interview with Rob Mayes.

Nervous and Tight? Exhale!

The exhale is nature's strongest emotional and physical release.

Lluís Claret Master Class: Barber Concerto, Op. 22

2nd Movement

Wispelwey: Why I Love Practicing

Pieter Wispelwey in conversation with Paul Katz

Ears, Mind, Body – Part 2

Where True Artistry Begins

Ears, Mind, Body – Part 1

Empower the Ears and Heart to Lead

Softness is Strength

Tai Chi: Power/Flexibility

Right Arm Power

Arm Weight/Gravity

Sound Production Principles

Rest, Don't Press

Uniting the Hands

Varying Left Hand Depth

Bow Hold Principles – Part 2

Control: Flexibility/Balance

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