Country: Czech Republic
Company: Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra

The International Orchestral Academy (IOA) of Janacek Philharmonic Ostrava is suitable especially for students and graduates of music performance programmes at university level. THE INTERNSHIP IS UNPAID. Trainees shall be fully granted by their home University/Academy through the Erasmus+ program (or other similar funds).
JPO announces now audition for all instrument sections. The trainee period for the successful candidates of this audition is 20th January 2020 through 19th June 2020. They will take part in most of the orchestra performances (subscription concerts, touring projects).
Requirements – to be sent as live video recording:
a) orchestral parts (where marked, play only selected bars) – all scores of orchestral parts you can find on:
b) excerpts from 2 contrast movements from solo composition ad libitum (10min)
Please submit live video recordings as well as your curriculum to

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