Location: Hamburg, Germany
Deadline: Sep 09, 2020

The competition is split into four categories – Violin, Viola, Cello and Vocals. Our wish is to give young promising musicians a chance to perform in the legendary Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg – in collaboration with State Symphony Orchestra of Leningrad Oblast. This debut is supposed to attract the attention of the musical community and help to promote young musician’s career. Elbphilharmonie Hamburg is among the most significant concert halls in the world. The jury consists of internationally renowned world-class musicians, who can already look back at their own successful career. We welcome violinists, violists, cello players and singers from all over the world!
Jury members:
Violin: Viktor Tretyakov, Natalia Likhopoi
Viola: Hartmut ROHDE, Máté Szücs
Cello: Lynn HARELL, Daniel GEISS
Voice: Elizabeth VIDAL, Olga ROMANKO
Chef-conductor & special jury member Michail Golikov

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