Location: Chieri, Italy
Dates: Nov 17, 2019 - Nov 24, 2019
Deadline: Nov 12, 2019


1. The Circolo Cameristico Piemontese and the local Government of Chieri organize the 19th International Music Contest for woodwind and brass instrument performers, in order to give support and encourage young talents.

2. Every young musician worldwide can take part to the competition.

3. The competition will be held from the 17th to the 24th of November 2019, at Complesso San Filippo, via Vittorio Emanuele II, 63, Chieri (TO), Italy

4. The examining jury will be made up of personalities coming from the Italian and International music scene.

5. The concerts will take place at Sala Conceria, via Conceria 2, Chieri (TO), Italy


6. At the beginning of each audition, candidates shall provide their identity cards and three copies of the musical scores programmed for the examining Jury. All the compositions have to be performed in their original version. No transcriptions or modifications are allowed. Concerning the wind instruments quintet, both Haydn and Mozart transcriptions are allowed.

7. The examining jury’s decision is to be considered as conclusive. See the “Prizes” heading to know the details.

8. Jury members having any kind of relationship with one or more of the candidates won’t be part of the candidate’s examining body. Each member of the jury shall provide a declaration stating their personal situation related to the candidates.

9. The President and the Artistic Director may take part in any of the jury’s sessions and have the right to vote.

10. The examining jury has the right to:

• ask the candidate to perform the entire program or only a part of it;

• hold an extra audition asking some of the candidates or musical groups to perform their exam.

11. Whether the candidates’ performance is considered unsatisfactory, the jury has the right not to award the prizes.

12. The candidates may participate to more than one of the sections, but not to more than one of the categories. Furthermore, they can be part of a higher category than the one foreseen for their age but not a lower one. For Chamber Music, it is not compulsory for every member to perform all of the musical pieces.

13. Candidates will be admitted to the auditions in the order given by the Secretary. Latecomers will be admitted to the audition after a justification of their delay and will be heard at last. Winners are expected to perform at the prize giving concert, free of charge. Non-participation to such concert and to orchestra rehearsal would imply cancellation of the prize. Other candidates may have the right to perform at the concert, if the jury requests them to do. The prize giving concert is foreseen for the 23rdNovember 2019 for A\B category and Chamber Music and the 24th November 2019 for B category winners (it will take place with the accompaniment of the ECHOS Quartet)

14. Results will be communicated at the end of the auditioning of the entire category.

15. It is not necessary to perform by heart.

16. The candidates will have the chance to rehears and practice on the competition’s piano during hours established by the Organizing Committee.

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