Cello and Chamber Music Competitions

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Mathieu Duguay Early Music Competition

The Festival launches the fourth edition of the Mathieu Duguay Early Music Competition Young baroque musicians are invited to submit their application Lamèque, N. B., Wednesday, October 10, 2018: The [...]

2019-02-04T07:40:44+00:00Location: Lamèque, Canada|Dates: Feb 04, 2019 - Mar 01, 2019|Deadline: Mar 01, 2019|More Info|

Doug Davis Composition and Performance Endowment

Music lives in its performance. From a humble, soothing lullaby to the ultimate virtuosic bravura, music comes to life in the moment of performance. The Doug Davis Composition and Performance [...]

2019-02-04T06:48:08+00:00Location: Bakersfield, United States of America (USA)|Dates: Feb 04, 2019 - Feb 28, 2019|Deadline: Feb 28, 2019|More Info|Send Email|

34th annual Irving M. Klein International String Competition

Applications are now open for the 34th annual Irving M. Klein International String Competition to be held at the San Francisco Conservatory of  Music in San Francisco CA, June 1-2, [...]

2019-01-21T18:36:44+00:00Location: San Francisco, United States of America (USA)|Dates: May 30, 2019 - Jun 02, 2019|Deadline: Feb 02, 2019|More Info|Send Email|

Premio Loiacono – premio umanistico del violoncello

The Loiacono family, in collaboration with the cultural association “ConFusione” located in Polignano a Mare (Bari, Italy), will make available in 2019 a prize to a cellist that will be [...]

2018-11-28T21:58:32+00:00Location: Polignano a Mare (Ba), Italy|Dates: Nov 24, 2018 - Feb 28, 2019|Deadline: Feb 28, 2019|More Info|Send Email|

Zodiac International Music Competition, Music Academy and Festival

The competition invites artists from all parts of the world to participate via video submission, or pdf score submission for composers, with no travel required. Winning soloist will receive a [...]

2018-11-19T06:07:59+00:00Location: Côte D'Azur, France|Dates: Jul 01, 2019 - Jul 31, 2019|Deadline: Feb 15, 2019|More Info|Send Email|

Windsor Festival International String Competition

Launched in memory of festival founder Yehudi Menuhin, and the foremost competition of its kind in the world, WFISC seeks out exceptional young string soloists. Reaching all corners of the [...]

2018-10-15T20:48:06+00:00Location: Windsor, United Kingdom (UK)|Dates: Mar 23, 2019 - Mar 29, 2019|Deadline: Dec 01, 2018|More Info|Send Email|

54th Markneukirchen International Instrumental Competition

The 54th Markneukirchen International Instrumental Competition of 2019 invites applications in the violoncello category. The Markneukirchen International Instrumental Competition is open to young soloists of all nationalities. The competition will take place [...]

2018-08-25T06:33:39+00:00Location: Markneukirchen, Germany|Dates: May 09, 2019 - May 18, 2019|Deadline: Jan 10, 2019|More Info|Send Email|

Stockport International Young Musicians Competition 2019

A competition for musicians aged 17 to 24 on 30/03/2019. Initial entries by YouTube recordings will be reduced to around 12 by a panel of professional musicians to take part [...]

2018-08-25T06:23:44+00:00Location: Stockport, United Kingdom (UK)|Dates: Feb 01, 2019 - Feb 28, 2019|Deadline: Oct 15, 2018|More Info|

“Riga Classic Strings” International Festival

"Riga Classic Strings" International Festival that includes Violin and Cello Competition and series concerts. The competition will be held from 11th to 18th of May 2019 at the Vitols Latvian [...]

2019-02-03T23:39:12+00:00Location: Riga, Latvia|Dates: May 11, 2019 - May 18, 2019|Deadline: May 11, 2020|More Info|

Young Artists Competition – Arlington Philharmonic Orchestra

The Philharmonic Society of Arlington proudly sponsors the Young Artist Competition for instrumental and vocal musicians under 30 years of age. This annual competition has been held since 1965. Our [...]

2019-02-04T00:44:59+00:00Location: Arlington, MA, United States of America (USA)|Dates: Feb 16, 2019 - May 04, 2019|Deadline: May 04, 2019|More Info|Send Email|

The North International Music Competition

The North International Music Competition is an online music competition for musicians around the world! Obligation of the competitor who wants to participate in The Online Music Competition has been [...]

2019-02-03T23:55:57+00:00Location: London, United Kingdom (UK)|Dates: May 07, 2019 - May 31, 2019|Deadline: Apr 21, 2019|More Info|Send Email|

Princeton Fellowships in the Creative and Performing Arts

Princeton Fellowships in the Creative and Performing Arts, funded in part by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, will be awarded to artists whose achievements have been recognized as demonstrating extraordinary [...]

2017-06-26T15:12:32+00:00Location: Princeton, NJ, United States of America (USA)|Dates: Sep 01, 2017 - Jun 30, 2019|Deadline: Sep 19, 2017|More Info|Send Email|

Filadelfia International Competition and Festival

The competition is open to young musicians of any nationality provided they have not been awarded the overall first prize in previous editions of the competition in the same category [...]

2019-02-03T23:52:46+00:00Location: Filadelfia Town Auditorium, Italy|Dates: May 03, 2019 - May 12, 2019|Deadline: Apr 30, 2019|More Info|Send Email|

Padova International Competition

This competition is open to pianists, string and wind instrumentalists. Two preliminary rounds will take place from June the 12nd to June the 19th 2016 and the final stage with [...]

2019-02-04T00:00:26+00:00Location: Padova, Italy|Dates: Jun 10, 2019 - Jun 16, 2019|Deadline: Apr 25, 2019|More Info|Send Email|

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