Chamber Music Competitions

Vienna International Arts Festival 2019

Music Competition I Performance I Workshops I Awards Category Solo Instrument, Chamber music from the age of 8 to 27 years Piano Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass) Woodwinds, Brass [...]

2019-02-04T07:53:32+00:00Location: Vienna, Austria|Dates: Jun 15, 2019 - Jun 21, 2019|Deadline: May 31, 2019|More Info|

Oskar Rieding International Competition for Young Musicians

Oskar Rieding International Competition for Young Musicians is open to instrumentalists and vocalists of all ages in two disciplines: VIOLIN (four age categories till 15 years) CHAMBER MUSIC (four age [...]

2019-02-04T07:50:31+00:00Location: Celje, Slovenia|Dates: Jan 29, 2019 - May 25, 2019|Deadline: May 05, 2019|More Info|

International Competition “Luigi Zanuccoli” for Young Musicians

The 17th Edition of the International Competition "Luigi Zanuccoli" for Young Musicians will take place from the 24th of May - 2nd of June 2019 in the charming historical town [...]

2019-02-04T07:46:56+00:00Location: Sogliano al Rubicone, Italy|Dates: May 24, 2019 - Jun 02, 2019|Deadline: May 06, 2019|More Info|Send Email|

Central International Music Academy Vienna International Music Competition

The annual CIMA International Music Competition takes place at the premises of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna between 10th and 12th of August 2019. The winner of [...]

2019-02-04T07:37:02+00:00Location: Vienna, Austria|Dates: Feb 04, 2019 - Jun 01, 2019|Deadline: Jun 01, 2019|More Info|


The International Music Competition is open to musicians of any nationality will take place in Bracigliano (Salerno) Italy at the Palazzo De Simone in Via Vittorio Emanuele, from 10 to [...]

2019-02-04T07:42:10+00:00Location: Bracigliano , Italy|Dates: May 10, 2019 - May 12, 2019|Deadline: Apr 30, 2019|More Info|Send Email|

Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition

Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition & Academy focus especially on advanced student ensembles and young professional ensembles, and is open for chamber ensembles from all over the world. Trondheim International [...]

2019-02-04T07:38:52+00:00Location: Trondheim, Norway|Dates: Feb 04, 2019 - Apr 20, 2019|Deadline: Apr 20, 2019|More Info|

Astral National Auditions

Auditions for placement in Astral program. Astral assists emerging classical instrumentalists, small ensembles, and singers residing in the US. Artists receive professional guidance, superior performance opportunities, project development, networking, intensive [...]

2019-02-04T07:39:57+00:00Location: Philadelphia, United States of America (USA)|Dates: May 28, 2019 - May 31, 2019|Deadline: Mar 06, 2019|More Info|

Mathieu Duguay Early Music Competition

The Festival launches the fourth edition of the Mathieu Duguay Early Music Competition Young baroque musicians are invited to submit their application Lamèque, N. B., Wednesday, October 10, 2018: The [...]

2019-02-04T07:40:44+00:00Location: Lamèque, Canada|Dates: Feb 04, 2019 - Mar 01, 2019|Deadline: Mar 01, 2019|More Info|

Doug Davis Composition and Performance Endowment

Music lives in its performance. From a humble, soothing lullaby to the ultimate virtuosic bravura, music comes to life in the moment of performance. The Doug Davis Composition and Performance [...]

2019-02-04T06:48:08+00:00Location: Bakersfield, United States of America (USA)|Dates: Feb 04, 2019 - Feb 28, 2019|Deadline: Feb 28, 2019|More Info|Send Email|

Windsor Festival International String Competition

Launched in memory of festival founder Yehudi Menuhin, and the foremost competition of its kind in the world, WFISC seeks out exceptional young string soloists. Reaching all corners of the [...]

2018-10-15T20:48:06+00:00Location: Windsor, United Kingdom (UK)|Dates: Mar 23, 2019 - Mar 29, 2019|Deadline: Dec 01, 2018|More Info|Send Email|

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