Practicing, Some Practice Advice (Part 2) — by Michael Haber

Frustration and Discouragement, Orchestra Auditions, Some Final Thoughts, a Final Comment   FRUSTRATION AND DISCOURAGEMENT: Now is the time to talk about our number one enemy. When I look back over all my teaching, one observation stands out above all others. It has not been a lack of talent or intelligence which stood in the way of progress for most students. It has rather been the fact that many people become both frustrated and discouraged by the amount of work and the unwavering discipline and persistence it usually takes to become an excellent musician. I have something simple to say on this subject: frustration and discouragement have been the common lot of most of the musicians I've known, born of the eternal gap between our dreams of how we want [...]

“Why?” That is the Question! — by Robert DeMaine

"You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink." So the proverb goes. As a teacher, I think to myself, "Wouldn't it be something if I made a positive difference in all these people's lives?" Well, that would be mighty grand, but if I can reach just one really thirsty horse, then it has all been worthwhile. And here, I am humbled by the important question at hand:  How does one organize a thought and articulate it in a helpful, meaningful, and transparent way to the recipient of the message? Can just one life be changed for the better? I'll do my best ;-) To be sure, I have my share of opinions and a certain amount of experience in the "field that chose me" (and [...]

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