“But I Don’t Want To!”: How to Get Yourself (or Your Kid) to Practice… — by Martha Baldwin

One of the most frequent problems my students ask me about is how to get inspired to practice.  Old, young, serious and casual cellists alike come to me in frustration: “But I just can’t find the inspiration to practice right now/ever/this month/today etc. etc.”  Parents ask even more often how to get their child to practice without a battle.  Here’s the thing—there’s a hard truth about being a cellist, about the practicing it takes.  It’s not always fun. It’s hard to get started.  You don’t feel inspired to practice all the time.  Don’t feel bad—you know that student next to you in the practice room who’s there every day without fail?  He’s not more inspired than you, you’re not missing the I-Love-To-Practice gene.  Parents—you know that mom who says “I [...]