A Letter from Tim Janof, Editor for the Internet Cello Society

We are thrilled to share the following note from Tim Janof, a very fine writer and longtime editor of the Internet Cello Society. His work with John Michel, noted professor and founder of ICS, has brought us over twenty years of first-rate reportage and community forums. We are pleased to continue their work in the worldwide cello community on the web and will be releasing this historic content incrementally on cellobello.org beginning in the new year as cello.org becomes cellobello.org. CelloBello Inc. needs your support in this monumental endeavor! Please donate now to make this dream a reality.   A Letter from Tim Janof In 1994, 24 years ago, John Michel, an early adopter of internet technology, had a grand vision, to create a global cyber-community of cellists, for which [...]