Interview with Eva Heinitz (December, 1997)

Interview by Tim Janof Honored by Janos Starker as La Grande Dame du Violoncelle for her lifetime contributions to cello and cello teaching, Eva Heinitz is also known throughout the world for her pioneering work with the viola da gamba. She has performed in solo and chamber music concerts throughout Europe and North and South America, appearing as soloist with the Chicago, Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Vancouver Symphonies. She is Professor Emeritus of Cello at the University of Washington. Eva Heinitz is the most powerful presence I have ever met, ever. At 91 years old, she has more fire in her soul than most 20 year olds. Her opinions are strong and passionate, and she states them with a disarming confidence. Born in Berlin in 1907, she grew up in one of the greatest musical centers of [...]