George Neikrug

A Conversation with George Neikrug

In honor and in memory of George Neikrug we are pleased to share with you the following interview by Tim Janof. ______________________________________________________ Tim Janof: You studied with Diran Alexanian for a year. What was he like as a teacher? George Neikrug: He was brilliant, musically speaking. He particularly stressed the harmonies of pieces we worked on. No matter what was being played, he would accompany me on his cello, playing all the correct harmonies and explaining how the tension and relaxation influenced the interpretation of the music. When it came to technique, however, he got me into such trouble that, even though he had given me a personal scholarship, I left him without a word. I had played a recital after studying with him for a year and my friends [...]

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Remembering George Neikrug (March 7, 1919 – March 9, 2019)

With heavy hearts we share the loss of George Neikrug who passed away yesterday at the age of 100.  George Neikrug was teaching at Boston University where he had been professor of cello for the past thirty years. The latest CD featuring Mr. Neikrug is "Great Moments in Cello Playing," selected from eighty years of treasured recordings, recently released by Cello Classics. He gave master classes in Germany, Italy, Austria, Australia, Iceland, Hawaii, Canada, and extensively in the United States. He played solos with major symphonies all over the world.  In addition to the cello repertoire, his virtuosity enabled him to perform some of the most technically demanding works for the violin on the cello. His many performances of the Paganini Violin Concerto in D Major with the Sauret cadenza [...]

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