Finally, The New, Expanded CelloBello Is Here!

   CelloBello is thrilled to announce the launch of a BRAND NEW site! Featuring four exciting new areas giving you the opportunity to upload and share with the global cello community: CelloEvents - Promote your concert or cello event on our calendar. Find upcoming concerts in your area. CelloFun - Share your own humorous stories, favorite videos and jokes. Or browse our listings and have some good laughs! Cello21C - Help us compile a comprehensive list of 21st Century works for cello. Discover new works to learn and perform. CelloTube - Submit videos of your own performances and of others you admire. Browse these areas and then send us your contributions!

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Keeping Healthy On The Road (or in Your Dorm, Home or Apartment) — by Mark Summer

The fall being my busiest touring season with Turtle Island, I’m often thinking of the best ways to stay healthy and happy throughout the dark days of “flu season.” After years of almost constant travel, with endless days of connecting plane flights, shared van rides, and occasionally horrifically early lobby calls, I feel somewhat qualified as an expert at keeping my body in tune enough to weather the storm of illnesses that plague the general population. In 27 years, I’ve never missed a concert due to illness. I thought I had the flu once while on the road, but at a recent physical/flu shot pitch, my doctor informed me that if I was able to play a concert, it wasn’t the flu. Nevertheless, my record speaks for itself. I’m not [...]