CelloBello is proud to announce that Greg Evans has been appointed the inaugural chief executive of CelloBello.com, an educational website and social hub for the cello world. Paul Katz, our founder (Cleveland Quartet, New England Conservatory…) will continue as Artistic Director with Greg taking over the day to day operations and development efforts, increasing CelloBello’s presence on the international scene as the one-stop destination for all things cello. With expertise in organizational structure, web experience and a wide knowledge of the repertoire, Greg will work with Paul to expand CelloBello’s global impact, offering educational advancement, inspiration and information to a worldwide cello community.

A graduate of Juilliard and the Manhattan School of Music, Greg began his professional life as a horn player in New York City participating in almost every aspect of the city’s many musical offerings. From punk rock clubs to the classical music scene at Carnegie Hall, Greg performed and recorded a wide variety of music both in NYC and on tours throughout the world. After a career in performance and teaching, Greg moved on to the unique challenges of helping formed ensembles, promoting venues and managing operations, finance and development for a number of musical organizations.

Paul Katz says: “Cellists the world-over will benefit from the addition of Greg to the CelloBello team. HIs management skills, experience, dedication and eager-beaver work ethic will grow the reach of CelloBello in ways not before possible. And hIs presence allows me, as artistic director, to focus on artistry, pedagogy, and musical excellence- the core values of CelloBello and the reasons I began this site.”

Greg Evans says: “I’m so honored to be a part of CelloBello Inc. as we move forward as a nonprofit. With page views of over 200,000 and an estimated 52,000+ users from 82 countries, I’m incredibly excited to expand services for our ever-growing and diverse worldwide cello community.”