The International Federation of Musicians has published a ranking of airlines’ musical instrument policies. The rating system ranks policies as red, amber or green according to how accommodating each airline is of musicians’ instruments in the cabin.

From the IFM website:

Airline rating | Disclaimer
1. The information that we provide about the airlines’ policies re. musical instruments strictly reflects the information that was available on the airlines’ websites at the time these data were last updated on the FIM website (please check the date of the last update).

2. Our rating of airlines is based on the following criteria:
• Airlines complying with the current US FAA regulation (entered into force in 2015) are rated as GREEN (best grade). These companies accept musical instruments in the cabin, provided they fit in the overhead compartments or under a seat, without specific size limitations.
• Airlines that apply the same size limitations to musical instruments as to regular cabin luggage are rated as RED (lowest grade).
• Airlines that do not comply with the current US FAA regulation but apply size limitations that are more favourable than those applying to regular cabin luggage are rated as AMBER.

Please note: irrespective of the airline’s applicable policy, an instrument may only be accepted in the cabin if there is enough space available at the time of boarding (either in the overhead lockers or under the seat in front of you). Be first in line if you want to maximise your chances to keep your instrument with you.

To see the ratings by airline, click HERE.