CelloBello Seeks to Hire a Director of Development and Communications

Job Title: Director of Development and Communications Background Launched in March of 2010, CelloBello.org (a website), has been led by its Founder and Artistic Director, cellist Paul Katz, and Director of Operations Jussi Reijonen, who serves as webmaster and efficiently supervises a small part-time paid staff, volunteers, and 3 work-study students from New England Conservatory. CelloBello seeks a Director of Development and Communications, a dynamic, creative, and highly organized professional to work as a strategic and creative partner with the CelloBello Artistic Director with the goal of short-term growth and long-term financial sustainability. The Director of Development and Communications reports to the Artistic Director with regular written reports to the Board of Directors (e.g. monthly). Our board of Directors is an active and committed group of experts from the fields [...]

Developing Musicianship Through Chamber Music — by Thomas Rosenberg

In a typical private instrumental lesson, until a student has reached a fairly high technical level, much of the time in a lesson is spent on issues such as good hand positions, intonation, tone production, fingerings and bowings, and the development of technique in both hands through scales, etudes, etc. The choice of a solo piece or pieces is usually connected to these same issues. Musicianship is hopefully discussed, and hopefully in some detail. But, the fact remains that it is unlikely issues of musicianship will dominate the lesson time. One of the great benefits of having students play chamber music is that it helps them become better musicians faster. A good, well matched chamber music group with a good coach will push forward the abilities a student has already developed and enable them to be able [...]

Seeing a Bigger Picture — by Yeesun Kim

As a young cellist, I gratefully accepted my teachers' generous offers of bowings, fingerings and phrasing suggestions to many  pieces I studied. These suggestions were well tested in numerous performances, were given thoughtful evaluation that took into account the personal convictions of many great musicians. At that time, I was not particularly in the habit of questioning and reasoning for myself. In a sense,  other than what I HAD to contribute, I trusted that all this work would and should settle into a successful interpretation. Since becoming the cellist of a professional string quartet (the Borromeo String Quartet), my attitude HAD to change completely. Now, it was not possible to participate in making music without evaluating ALL that was in the score. The pieces in the repertoire of the string [...]

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